Approximately 70 million people internationally live with an eating disorder.

We are here to start the conversation, challengethe stigma and create change in this space, so the statistics can change


It is estimated that 75% of
people with an eating disorder don’t seek professional help.

It can be difficult for a family to seek help, find the right help and know what to do to support their loved one struggling with an eating disorder.

We support families by assisting them with lived experience and management guidance so they can access the professional help they require.


Eating disorders, along with substance use disorder, have the highest mortality rate of all psychiatric disorders

Through annual community events we provide a fun, safe and supportive environment. We celebrate what it means to have positive mental health, whilst addressing eating and mental health disorders so they can be recognised as a serious issue that requires more awareness.


Eating disorders are among the leading causes of burden of disease and injury in young females in Australia.

Body dissatisfaction, feelings of shame, embarrassment, and denial are recognised as common barriers associated with eating disorders and accessing help. We challenge the stigma by starting conversations about eating disorders on our Facebook and Instagram page. Encouraging those who are experiencing an eating disorder not to feel embarrassed about their diagnosis. Also, encouraging the greater community to be more aware and educated on eating disorders and the early symptoms.



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The Secret Burden's
Short Film Project

We are aligning with Arise Digital to produce a preventative short film exposing the environments eating disorders can develop in and how certain people in such environments can influence an eating disorder.

We need to raise 200k to produce six scenes for the short film project.

Our goal is to air the short film in schools and sporting environments to educate students, parents, teachers and sporting facilitators on the signs and symptoms of eating disorders so they can be prevented.

Donate today to get our short film to the production phase in 2022.

Here is the GoFundMe link:

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